Behind The Scenes
With spring now well and truly in the air with longer days and milder weather, its at this time of year when I wind down my studio lighting workshops and concentrate more on off-camera flash. To get the off camera flash season off to a good start we headed out to the nearby Parkanaur Manor...
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Autumn is one of those times of the year when cameras come out by anyone who is even remotely interested in photography. With the wonderful colours on display, especially when sunlit, there seems to be a great picture opportunity in almost every direction. My personal preference for autumn photography is the latter part of it,...
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It takes very little encouragement at this time of the year for a trip to the beach, and especially my favourite one, Whiterocks Beach outside Portrush, and rapidly becoming a favourite photography haunt for me now too 🙂 Having said that though, this photography project was planned for last Wednesday and sods law would dictate...
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Last weekend I had the pleasure of indulging in a feast of photographic opportunity in an air hanger, and in doing so fulfilling a several year wait for what had to be my most outstanding ‘to do’ photography dream job. It all started about 2 years ago when I happened to come on a top...
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About Us

Nigel Fleming Photography is based in Dungannon, Northern Ireland, and offers a range of photography workshops and courses. These range from photography studio lighting, location off camera flash speed lights, and Adobe Lightroom workflow and photo editing.

Workshops and courses are in small groups, and are also offered on a one to one basis. Please contact us for more information.