Introduction to Photography Studio Lighting

Introduction to Photography Studio Lighting Workshop Course

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Who is it For?

Introduction to Studio Lighting Workshop is a photography course ideal for beginners who are new to studio lighting.

The workshop is also ideally suited to those who have used studio lighting before, and would like to improve their core lighting skills. 

Many photographers have returned to experience this workshop again! It’s a great learning and fun day in the photography studio. It’s an excellent opportunity to work with a professional model, and use professional studio lighting in a commercial studio environment.

What will you Learn?

  • How to operate studio lighting
  • Camera settings for studio lighting
  • Hard and soft lighting
  • Studio lighting modifiers - soft boxes, beauty dishes, reflector dishes etc.
  • How and when to use each light type and lighting modifier.
  • How to control and reduce contrast using studio lighting.
  • How to shape, control and sculpt studio light.
  • How to light headshots, half and full length.
  • How to create high and low key lighting.
  • How to build studio lighting designs - from one light to multi light setups. .

About this Workshop

Introduction to Studio Lighting Workshop is held by Nigel Fleming Photography, in his commercial studio in Dungannon. 

This is a one day photography course, usually held on a given Sunday, and runs from 12 – 5pm. 

Experience working with a professional model, covering several different looks and outfit styles in a commercial studio environment.

Everything is explained and demonstrated in a relaxed, jargon free way, and emphasis is placed on ensuring attending photographers gian the knowhow to confidently use studio lighting. 

Photographers are encouraged to bring their own cameras to fully participate in all the lighting setups with the professional model. There’s no better way to learn than with camera in hand! This also gives the attending photographers great photos to take away from the workshop, and edit to use in their portfolios. 

Some light lunch/tea/coffee is also provided during a break. 

Places are limited to 6 to 8. This ensures all questions are answered, and providing ample time for each photographer to photograph every lighting setup. 

Introduction to Studio Lighting Workshop Cost - £95
Photography Studio Lighting Portrait
Professional Models are Hired for Photography Studio Lighting Workshops at Nigel Fleming Photography - Northern Ireland.
Photography Studio Lighting Workshop Photo Northern Ireland

What to bring

A DSLR camera with standard hotshoe.

Your usual range of lenses.

Memory Card.

Charged batteries.

What's Provided

Flash triggers.

Professional model.

Light lunch/tea/coffee.

Use of all studio equipment.

Studio Lighting Gallery

Studio Lighting Video

Introduction to Studio Lighting

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