Photography Workshops and Courses in Northern Ireland

About Nigel Fleming


I have a great love for art and creativity, and have been passionate about photography for well over 25 years now. Starting back in the days of film and developing chemicals in the darkroom, through to the all digital era. I got my first camera at age 11, and still have the first roll of film I had developed from it. I picked up my camera again at age 20 and started taking it a lot more seriously. 

Having initially been interested in landscape photography, I realised over a period of years that my real interest was in photographing people, and especially using flash in a creative way. I set about gaining know how in flash photography and set up my own makeshift studio at home.  My first studio lighting was a low budget, two flash head kit.

It all started as a keen hobbyist, later to develop into my full-time profession. Now I’m fortunate to have a purpose designed 1000sq. ft. contemporary and fully equipped photography studio based in Dungannon, Northern Ireland.



Nigel fleming Photography Workshops and courses in northern Ireland

In addition to studio lighting, a big part is of my photography is speed light off-camera flash and the ability to create great people photos on location. I see this as almost coming full circle in what drew me to photography in the first place. It started with  landcape photography, and I now photograph people in the landscape!

As my photography career progressed I found myself becoming deeply involved in the technical side of things. More especially all aspects of flash photography. This was both in the studio and outdoor use of flash photography, and it’s interplay with natural light. During this time I experimented, read book after book on the subject, and experimented more. Most importantly when those methods were exhausted, I sought my guidance and inspiration from one of the best photographers in the business in the UK. By studying his work and ultimately going to meet him and spend time on a one-to-one session with him, I finally felt my photography had taken a big step in the right direction. I regard this as having the single biggest impact on the direction of my photographic career.

In the end I can conclude my fascination was and is with light, how truly varied it can be, and how we as photographers can manipulate it to our will, being restricted only by our own creativity.


I now hold regular photography training workshops and courses in Northern Ireland. These range from studio lighting, off camera speed light location flash, and post production Lightroom workflow editing.

I thoroughly enjoy meeting and working with many photographers, from beginners to moderate or advanced in experience.

There are many photographers who are where I was a few years back, and at the beginning of the journey with flash photography. In fact my training workshops and courses service was born,  mainly because I was approached over and over by photographers in search of more knowledge about flash.

I have included portfolio galleries with many examples of my studio flash and off camera speedlight flash. I would encourage you to have a browse through my portfolio of images, and if you like what you see then you’re in the right place.

I can show you how to easily achieve this style of imagery for yourself.

Please feel free to get in touch by sending me an email here.