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Location Creative Off Camera Flash Speedlights Workshop Course

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Seamlessly Blend Fill Flash with Natural Light

Using Off Camera Fill Flash

Location off camera flash at Parkanaur workshop course Northern Ireland
Seamlessly mix flash with natural light using off camera fill flash.

Who is it For?

Location Creative Off Camera Flash Workshop is a photography course ideal for those with a basic knowledge of using speedlights in their photography, and would like to improve their core lighting skills and be more creative with off camera flash work.

If you have already attended the ‘Introduction to Off Camera Speedlights Workshop’ then this is ideally the next progressive step. 

If you have never used off camera flash speed lights before, don’t worry. You are still welcome to attend this course. We cover all the basics as we work through the day. 

If you only use flash on camera and would like to discover the possibilities of off camera flash, or would like to be more creative in your off camera flash work then this course is perfect for you.

Almost Anywhere Can Make a Great Background

Using Off Camera Flash

(This was a carpark entrance)

Off Camera Flash Workshop at Parkanaur Manor Northern Ireland

What will you Learn?

  • Camera and flash settings for off camera flash.
  • How to use off camera flash in low light interior location.
  • How to seamlessly blend flash with natural light.
  • How to create dramatically lit off camera flash work.
  • How to be more creative in the use of off camera speedlights.
  • Use of CTO and CTB gels with creative camera white balance settings for images with impact.
  • How to deal with challenging lighting situations using off camera flash
  • How to look for interesting and creative backgrounds/locations.
  • How to best use available light outdoors and know what type of off camera flash to suppliment it with.
Dramatic Lighting with Impact

Using Off Camera Flash

About this Workshop

Location Creative Off Camera Flash is a workshop course held by Nigel Fleming Photography. 

A select location is used for this workshop, and while locations will vary, Parkanaur Manor House is frequently used. 

Parkanaur Manor (or other select locations) are hired exclusively for the day, with full use of the Manor House interior and grounds. 

This is a one day photography workshop, which is usually held on a given Sunday, and runs from 12 – 5pm. 

Places are limited to 6 to 8. This ensures all questions are answered, and providing ample time for each photographer to photograph every lighting setup.

Emphasis is placed on being creative with off camera flash lighting setups. Also how to utilise and get the best out of locations with great potential. 


Create Your Own Light

Using Off Camera Flash

About this Workshop


The day consists of many varied lighting situations and lighting challenges. Learn how to balance speedlights with ambient room light indoors, and discover how to best use off camera flash outdoors, while making best use of the available natural light. 

Part of the day is spent looking at creatively using CTO and CTB gels for speed lights, and how to creatively use camera white balance settings with these gels. 

Everything is explained and demonstrated in a relaxed, jargon free way, ensuring attending photographers gain the knowhow to confidently use off camera flash speed lights more creatively. 

Photographers are encouraged to bring their own cameras to fully participate in all the lighting setups. There’s no better way to learn than with camera in hand. This also gives the attending photographers great photos to take away from the workshop, and edit to use in their portfolios. 

Some light lunch/tea/coffee is also provided during a break. 

Location Creative Off Camera Flash Speedlights Workshop Cost - £125
Make Best Use of Indoor and Outdoor Light

Using an Off Camera Speedlight

Off Camera Flash at Parkanaur Manor
Make best use of the sun as a backlight and off camera flash added.
Speedlights course at Parkanaur Manor House Northern Ireland
Use off camera speed lights indoors in low light locations.

What to bring

A DSLR camera with standard hotshoe.

Memory Card.

Charged batteries.

What's Provided

All off camera flash speedlights and lighting modifiers.

Flash triggers.

Professional model.

Light lunch/tea/coffee.

Off Camera Flash Gallery

Off Camera Flash Video

Location Creative Off Camera Flash Speedlights Workshop

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