Booking and Workshop Terms and Conditions

Nigel Fleming Photography Workshops and Courses in Northern Ireland

Terms and Conditions of Booking and Workshop Attendance.

Your photography kit (camera, lenses etc.) is brought to workshops at your own risk. Nigel Fleming Photography is not responsible for loss or damage to your own camera kit. 

A deposit is payable to confirm your booking. 

Should you not be able to attend, your deposit will be refunded in full up to 7 days prior to the workshop. 

It’s understandable a real emergency can crop up, and you may not be able to attend. If this is the case Nigel Fleming Photography will endeavour to reallocate your booking to the next available workshop. 

In the unlikely event of a workshop having to be cancelled, your deposit will be refunded in full.

Video recording during a workshop is not permitted.

Photos from the workshop can be freely used for your own print/online portfolio. As such they can be posted to social media, used on your website/blog and printed for business cards/stationary etc. However, no photos are permitted for commercial use/commercial gain. Photos should not be passed to 3rd parties for commercial use (i.e. to an advertising company for their use). 

Should you require usage of photos for commercial purposes, Nigel Fleming Photography must be consulted prior to use. 

Nigel Fleming Photography will have planned all the workshop details beforehand. This includes designated lighting setups, locations, styling with the model etc. For those reasons, no additional changes from the schedule/lighting/styling/props/location etc. can be made.