The person in the bubble chair below may look familiar and that’s because it’s Stephanie from my previous bridal blog post. Stephanie has been longing for a swing in our bubble chair for ages now and she finally got her chance when we got finished up with the bridal shots.

A quick lighting set-up change while Stephanie got changed and the fun got under way. Stephanie was ready before I was so there was time for a couple of portraits too before getting the now very popular bubble chair into place.

Catherine and I are currently offering ‘The Bubble Chair Experience’ which includes professionally applied make-up, and even a glass (or two) of champagne. Well it is the bubble chair after all so it’s bubbles in your glass too 🙂 Did you think we called it the bubble chair because of its shape? Just contact us and we’ll be very happy to give you all the details and discuss further, or call in and see it for yourself. The whole ‘Bubble Chair Experience’  is proving very popular as an ideal gift for your partner, and certainly something very different!

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