Ciara’s Model Portfolio

Ciara’s Model Portfolio

This is Ciara who was approached to do some modelling by a local agency. They advised she should get some model portfolio images, so Ciara then asked us and we were pleased to help.


Ciara came excellently prepared for her model portfolio photo shoot, and brought a fantastic range of clothes. As with all model portfolio photo shoots, makeup artist Catherine started out with a completely natural look to allow a range of head shots. Good head shots are a must for any portfolio, showing a range of looks. Catherine then funked up Ciara’s makeup to a much more fashion based look, to compliment a few outfit changes, and resulted in a great range of images to kick start Ciara’s portfolio.


A great afternoon was had by all, and we wish Ciara every success in her future modelling assignments.


Hair styled by David Graham Hairdressing


Makeup by Catherine Fleming Makeup (two looks applied during Ciara’s photo shoot).


Our bubble chair is as popular as ever, even with our model portfolio’s


Ciara’s natural makeup look for her series of head shots, with her photo on arrival prior to makeup or hair styling.


When makeup artist Catherine noticed Ciara’s red coat she knew exactly what to do for a makeup change in look.


Ciara brought several great outfits along to choose from for her various looks.



I’m always undecided whether to photograph solid, bold red against a dark background or a bright white background. Here I opted for my grey wall with a slice of light diagonally across it with the intention of creating mood in the picture, matched by Ciara’s look. .

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