David Graham Hairdressing – The Linen Green

We were asked this week to do some photography for David Graham Hairdressing with his hair model, Erin.

Erin was with David in his Linen Green salon during the morning having her hair brilliantly styled.  Arriving with us at lunch time, Catherine began her photographic make-up application. It was then my part, to best capture Erin with the emphasis on David’s very detailed hair. After a few last minute minor adjustments it was on with the photos. I did try to have a lighting set-up in place prior to Erin coming in, but at that stage I’d no idea what the style was and if it needed to be top, side or back lit. In the end I’m glad I didn’t have a specific set-up in place and it allowed for a very relaxed and fun working environment as we tried out various ideas. David kept an eye on his wonderful hair creation, and Erin needed very little direction and embraced the job perfectly 🙂

Clearly David is meticulous in every detail of hair styling and it’s thoroughly rewarding and immensely enjoyable to  work with such a professional.

Thanks again to Erin, David’s hair model who was brilliant and so easy to work with.

Here’s some of the photos…..





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