Jane- Creative Make-up

Jane – Creative Make-up


This is Jane, who just a couple of weeks ago was a make-up client of Catherine’s, coming in to have a special occasion make-up application.

Now a couple of weeks on and Jane is back with us, this time for Catherine to apply a more adventurous creative make-up, followed by a studio photo session to capture the look. The only additional prop used here was a coloured wig, acquired from a local fancy dress shop.

For the photo session I used hard light for some set-ups and soft light for others, the only other change being background colours. Very simple set-ups.


This photo was an evolution of a series of images. I noticed Jane’s dress only had one shoulder, but it had tons of texture so it was turned to the camera s a lead.



Given the complexity in Catherine’s make-up application, especially colour, I deliberately wanted to keep everything else in the photo simple so as not to compete.


A change to three quarter length for a more fashion based image.


Wig off, and a readjustment of hair by David of David Graham Hairdressing, and we finished with a few images using Jane’s own great hair 🙂


This image was based on one of my favourite paintings, called “Contemplation”


And there’s always room for a timeless black and white to finish on.


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