A few weeks back we had the pleasure of having Nikita Tully in the studio with us.

Nikita is a well established and experienced model with an extremely high quality and diverse portfolio of work, so it was daunting and a challenge to come up with something creative to be in keeping with the standard of work she already had.

On arrival at the studio we had a look at a collection of clothes which Nikita had brought, and from that we selected what we would use. Nikita had came incredibly well prepared which allowed for creative choice.  Also as with almost all model portfolio photoshoots, makeup application was by Catherine, and hair styling was by David Graham Hairdressing.

Despite having quite a firm idea of what we would photograph in terms of style, I still ended up going off on a complete tangent, but a good one I think. While Nikita was having her hair styled in David Graham’s salon I noticed his back wall section with its bold black and white wallpaper. this wall had always been there and I just never seemed to notice it an a photographic way, but with one of Nikita’s outfits in mind all of a sudden it seemed like a kind of mad but good idea to use the wall, even though we’d have to do our photo shoot in David’s salon while he was open with his clients in! He was certain he didn’t mind though so that was the new plan!

We started off in the studio, moved to david’s salon, and then finished in an old disused warehouse.

Here’s a few of the images…


We started off in the studio with our bubble chair. Always a winner 🙂


Moving to David's hair salon and that black and white bold striped wallpaper. What great styling on Nikita's part! I think this all worked a treat, especially as our initially discussed theme was 'circus'


A quick dash into another shop in The Linen Green and I came back with this floor standing candelabra. I continued to do a full series of images here, and each one was great.


On to the disused warehouse and this gave us a whole different style.


From a photography point of view I'd used a two light setup like this many times before to mix with the ambient light from the large windows behind, however this time I tried a slight modification with the main light to create a different lighting pattern and it worked a treat. A new lighting system has now been created for me 🙂

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