Sarah and Hannah in the Studio

Recent weeks has brought quite considerable change by way of renovation work to expand our photography and make-up studio space here in The Linen Green. I’ll be blogging on that story alone shortly to show all our new exciting facilities and services, but in the meantime the reason I mention it now is because of these model portfolio photo shoots for two models, both at the same time.

We have found recently that models seem to really enjoy a photo shoot with another model, and this certainly makes a lot of sense for everyone involved, because while one is having makeup application the other can be in the studio, then change over allowing for a change in makeup look to be applied. In fact now with having 4 dedicated makeup stations in our brand new makeup studio, it’s completely possible for a group of girls to get together for a morning/afternoon and enjoy makeup and photo shoots galore!


makeover studio
A quick preview of our new 4 station makeup studio. Much more details to follow in a new blog post about this.
































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