‘Training In A Flash’ – Studio Lighting Workshops

During the winter months I have been concentrating on studio lighting evenings with the days being too short and weather too cold for off-camera flash days.

As the winter is (hopefully) drawing to a close I thought it would be an opportune time to blog with some of the images from several studio lighting workshops over recent months. These studio lighting evenings were casual, relaxed and hopefully fun and informative for all those who attended. I kept numbers to no more than 6 photographers on each evening, with the intention to provide a personal and high quality experience to all who attended. On each evening we also had a model with professional make-up application and hair styling, and photographers brought their own cameras for practical participation in the various lighting setups.

Here’s a selection of images from both ‘Introduction to Studio Lighting’ and ‘Creative/Advanced Studio Lighting’ evenings held over the winter months, including some behind the scenes.

I still hope to hold another couple of studio evenings over the coming weeks, and following that I’ll be starting to concentrate on off-camera flash days on location.

Full details here and if you would like any information please get in touch using the contact form or by clicking here.


One from earlier in the season showing a typical beauty lighting setup using several studio lights, with Model, Becka.


Becka again on the same evening, this time with a single light used more creatively.


Another studio lighting evening still using only one light creatively, with model, Cathy.


Cathy again on the same evening and another lighting setup.


Cathy in a typical beauty lighting setup. The wall behind here is dark grey in reality but made white!


The same evening and another setup with one light. This is one of my favourites.


Ernesta modelling on another studio lighting evening in this two light setup.


Emily-Jayne modeled on this evening and another one light setup.


Julia was our model for this evening and here showing a soft, beauty lighting setup with control of just one light.


Julia again on the same evening as above, this time with still one light but used very differently.


This is Melissa from our previous studio lighting evening. 3 lights used creatively in a beauty lighting setup.


And to finish, Melissa again on the same evening with the same 3 lights used very differently in a quick change up of the lighting.


Some behind the scenes

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