Adriana in the Studio

Adriana may look familiar to you and if she does its because I’ve photographed her now on a few occasions. It’s hard to believe the first time I photographed Adriana was around June last year, and I only happened to spot her by complete chance having photographed her older sister, Evelina. It was obvious to me back in June that Adriana had the makings of a great model and since then I’ve had several photo shoots with her and she’s gone from strength to strength in her modelling. So much so in fact that she has been signed up to Cathy Martin – CMPR, and has raised her modelling profile significantly by featuring in two Belfast Fashion Weeks.

On a personal note its extremely satisfying to have identified Adriana as a model and now to see her grow into a role she loves so much. We wish her every success in what will no doubt be a great career ahead of her in modelling.

Here’s a few photos from two weeks ago when I had another chance to work with Adriana in the studio. This was extremely short notice, literally only organised the evening prior at 10pm, but the results were still great.

Makeup by Catherine Fleming MUA

Adriana model Nigel Fleming Photography
This was lit with two studio lights.


A similar lighting setup to above, again using two lights. Any photographers who have been in my studio for a studio lighting workshop will know the wall behind is mid-grey, and how best to make it as near black as possible.


A three quarter length version of the photo above, and again using two lights. The importance is to make sure the back light is long enough to give separation the whole way down Adriana’s left side, especially so when photographing black into a very dark background.


A head shot photographed against the white wall in the studio with a single light.


This is always my starting point, both for model portfolio photo shoots and also for studio lighting workshops. It’s pretty much my standardised beauty lighting setup using 4 lights.


I always try to get a black and white in. This is the same white studio wall as in the photo two above. It’s also a single light source but very soft this time to work with the soft texture within Adriana’s jumper.


Exactly the same as above but a change in outfit for a completely different look.


And finally our bubble chair made a long awaited appearance. The bubble chair takes some time to set up and is often overlooked for that reason. Two lights again into the studio grey wall.


This is one of the best poses for the bubble chair bit it takes a bit of time balancing on the part of the model! Lighting as above.







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