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Yesterday evening I brought a couple of fellow photographers into the studio for a practice run on my Introduction to Lightroom evening workshop. This gave me the opportunity to fine tune and gain valuable feedback. I’m now pleased to say I’m ready to proceed with a proposed date for this workshop, which will follow shortly.

Here’s what they said:

Had the privilege of being a Guinea Pig for the “Introduction to Lightroom” tonight with Nigel Fleming, I have been using Lightroom for quite some time now and thought I knew a lot about it (It now turns out I didn’t) Nigel explains everything in his own simplistic way so that even I can understand. The amazing thing is he took a photograph that I would have sent straight into the Recycle bin and turned it into something unreal!! For those of you who are contemplating the Advanced think very seriously about the introduction course first. It is a tremendous grounding. Thanks Nigel after tonight I’m now able to save loads of hard drive space and I’m going to revisit some old photographs. Could be a late night!!!!

Would most certainly agree with David, I was the other Guinea pig in this and found this session very rewarding. Even though I was a already a user of Lightroom – there was so much I learnt on this introductory test evening that I could not believe! I know rightly now that if I went straight to the advanced workshop I would have been lost! What I learnt about cataloging in Lightroom and how to quickly select the pictures to work with was amazing! Would definitely recommend to start with the ‘Introduction’ evening as you will find out something new or something that you were already doing, but Nigel will show you how it can be done better and quicker  thank you Nigel for the evening as David mentiond,I will too revisit some of my old photos!

This is my new setup for my forthcoming Lightroom Workshops. By using Apple TV I’ve been able to feed live from my iMac screen to an HD large screen TV.


Over recent months many photographers who have attended both studio lighting and off camera flash workshops have asked me if I will be holding any workshops on post production of images, and Lightroom in particular.

I regard Lightroom as about the best solution to post production of RAW files and I now carry out all of my image editing on an average split of 70% Lightroom and 30% Photoshop.

I’m proposing to hold Lightroom workshops in the studio on a given evening from 7-9.30pm at a cost of £30 per photographer. These will be consistent with my established format of two workshops on offer, namely Introduction to Lightroom, and Advanced/Creative Lightroom Techniques.

If this is something which is of interest to you as a photographer then please register your interest by using the contact section of this website and also please state which workshop is best suited to your needs.

A brief outline:

Introduction to Lightroom.

This is geared at a photographer with no or limited knowledge of Lightroom, or a Lightroom user who wants to establish a well organised catalog structure to their photography and substantially speed up their workflow. This will cover key points with concentration on the import and develop module within Lightroom. Topics covered will include:

  • why use Lightroom
  • making a Lightroom catalog from scratch
  • creating an efficient folder structure for Lightroom
  • importing images to a catalog
  • organizing and keywording images
  • efficient workflow in quickly narrowing down image selection/culling images
  • thorough explanation of layout and identify key usable features within the Library and Develop Modules to help speedy workflow
  • how to get the best from your RAW file with image adjustment in the develop module
  • exporting directly into Photoshop for further editing and many, many more topics.
  • all demonstrated live from a real working Lightroom catalog using my own images as real examples, shown on a large HD display


Advanced/Creative Lightroom Techniques.

This is geared at a photographer who is currently using Lightroom and has a sound understanding of catalogs, importing and has a good, well organised folder structure in place. The majority of this workshop will concentrate within the develop module. Items covered will include:

  • individual image assessment to know how best to adjust in the develop module
  • in-depth look at the workings of the develop module
  • go beyond basic adjustment to enable advanced creative techniques to images
  • presets (including making your own)
  • batch processing of images for a very speedy workflow
  • local adjustments on images, and much more
  • all demonstrated live from a real working Lightroom catalog using real examples shown on a large HD display.



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    I Nigel was talking with yourself early January. Would be interested in both lightroom workshops please. Thanks Michelle

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