Chloe – Some Beauty Makeup Photography

This is Chloe, and it was great to get her into the studio at last, even if it was only for a short time on this occasion.

Its fair to say Chloe and I have exchanged messages off and on for well over a year in various attempts to get a photo shoot sorted. It was just simply difficult to get a mutually suitable time. As usual my bigger difficulty these days is trying to get models booked into our makeup studio, and because beauty work forms the core of our business, we always much prefer if we can apply the models makeup for a photo shoot here ourselves in-house. It was this, allied to Chloe’s availability which caused us to have difficulty arranging something for so long.

Sometimes however, the best things are those with little plans involved and just spontaneously happen. Makeup artist, Catherine got a cancellation at 9pm on a Friday evening for the following day which resulted in me messaging Chloe to ask if she’d be free and apologising for then extremely short notice. I’m happy to say Chloe was available to come to the studio the following afternoon.

This was a short photo shoot by our normal standards and we concentrated on the makeup application and photographed it mainly as beauty work. Makeup was by our other makeup artist, Louise.

Here’s some of the photos…

Model Portfolio Photo Shoot Nigel Fleming PhotographyD3S_1446

Model Portfolio Photo Shoot Nigel Fleming PhotographyD3S_1492

Model Portfolio Photo Shoot Nigel Fleming PhotographyD3S_1543

Model Portfolio Photo Shoot Nigel Fleming PhotographyD3S_1514

Model Portfolio Photo Shoot Nigel Fleming PhotographyD3S_1449

Model Portfolio Photo Shoot Nigel Fleming PhotographyD3S_1535

Model Portfolio Photo Shoot Nigel Fleming PhotographyD3S_1519

Chloe was a fantastic model to work with in the short time we had in the studio, and it proved well worth the lengthy time it had taken to get something arranged. So much so that I made an agreement with Chloe that we would get together in the studio again as soon as possible and pick up from where we left off with these beauty makeup photos. I really look forward to that happening soon and keep an eye on the blog for the results.

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