Very rarely do I ever appear in a photo as my place is well and truly behind the camera 🙂 One of the dangers however of inviting a fellow photographer along on a project is that they may stray off the subject, and in this case onto me!

For what it’s worth, here’s a few ‘behind the scenes’ of me with my beloved camera. To give this some context I’ve included a couple of the images I was making as I was pointing my camera at Helen and Ryan at the time Damien was taking these. Thanks Damien!

Below is the image being captured here, and a well placed ladder making a great impromptu tripod for a slow shutter speed in natural light.



The image from the scene above. I couldn't resist the symmetry of the tanks here, hence the reason why I asked Ryan to be flat or straight on to the camera to make an almost symmertical image, broken only by placing Ryan off center.



A transitional moment between captures of the image below


One of a series of images from the scene above.




From the scene above. Ryan and Helen were great and kept it all very real.




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