A couple of weeks ago I photographed Helen for a commercial project, and it was at that stage we got chatting about an idea we had for a contemporary and edgy couples photo session, set in either the studio or the old warehouses I’ve previously used. We opted for the warehouse setting and I’m glad we did 🙂 This also gave me another chance to try out the Pocket Wizard flash system and I’m addicted to them now!

It turns out that Helen’s boyfriend was a son of an old friend of mine who I’d lost contact with after our career paths had taken a different turn around ten years ago, so it really is a small world! It was also very scary to think where all that time has gone!!

Anyway, the concept here was not necessarily to photograph a couple as in the people themselves, but to capture the chemistry and romance between them. This is why I wanted this to be a ‘together in real life’ couple to keep it genuine and real.

Helen and Ryan really didn’t disappoint and embraced the theme fully. Thanks to them both for coming so prepared, persevering with the cold during several lighting set-up changes, and most importantly having the shared vision to pull it off.

Thanks too as always to Catherine who was brilliant with make-up.



















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  1. sean trowlen

    Absolutely fantastic work . Lighting compositition and emotions are way tooo good , Awesome

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