Last week saw another pleasurable trip to what I think is now my favourite place, Whiterocks Beach near Portrush. Every time I’ve been there recently there seems to be a perfect sunset, and I can’t think of many other places where it would be more beautiful and spectular.

These aren’t  my photos from that evening on the beach, although I hope to include some of mine here very soon.  Rather this is another case of  a fellow photographer and good friend, Damien, skulking around behind the rocks in the background capturing the ‘less obvious’ goings on! Damien went on to capture some of the best images of the evening as the sun lit up the sky.

Thanks to Damien for all the following images….

This is great Damien. The dogs have been spending too much time around this photography business and are picking up the poses 🙂

It's all about keeping your feet dry as I've found out from experience. It's not easy to outrun a wave with camera in hand!




and back.


Water dogs through and through.


Must be the sea air...


Like I said, that sea air.... 🙂

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