Whiterocks Portrush

These are a few images from a very enjoyable evening one day last week at Whiterocks beach, Portrush. My previous blog post has a few behind the scenes from this, thanks to Damien.

Thanks to Catherine who did all the make-up before leaving for the beach, as apparently sand and make-up aren’t a great combination! Thanks also to Ernesta, Maria and Natasha for modelling so brilliantly and also Janine who was VAL-dm (voice activated lighting stand- delux model 🙂 ) and Damien as mentioned previously.

About 20 minutes after these images were captured the sun began to set and the sky well and truly lit up. Unfortunately at this stage my camera decided it had had enough and for no reason stopped working 🙁

Here’s what I got before that…


This was just available light, warmed a little with white balance adjustment (Costa Del Portrush)






A couple of grabbed natural light pictures, captured while deciding what to do with a flash set-up because the low sun was so strong.
Natural light again as above.


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