Chloe – Model at The Style Academy

There’s no getting away from the fact that it’s nice to be able to work with a professional agency represented model when the opportunity arises, and this was one such example.

Chloe is a model with The Style Academy in Belfast, and came to us for the day a few weeks back to add to her existing portfolio. I’m delighted she did and we achieved some great results (some images below).

I’d have no hesitation in recommending Chloe in the highest regard to any photographers who are serious about achieving a high end result in their work. Chloe can be booked via The Style Academy Agency.

Makeup was by Catherine Fleming MUA (two makeup looks). Creative hair styling was by Christopher Kirk.

As usual I will include some lighting information as feedback suggests a lot of photographers read my blog and like some lighting information.

As usual my starting point was some beauty work. This shows the fantastic creative job Christopher did on Chloe’s hair.
This is my usual beauty lighting setup with extra hair lighting added and it seemed the right choice to keep the background both dark and detail free so as not to detract from the hair.
As a photographer, when you see a series of images like these on the back of your camera as the first set, then you know you’re probably going to be in for a good day 🙂


As with the image above this was a variation within our first series of the day. Chloe had brought this necklace which added great texture to the look.
It’s well worth mentioning Chloe’s cheekbones here and its obvious to see how strong facial features like this can really make a beauty shot work so well. Beauty work forms the backbone of what we do, and Catherine did a fantastic job here on makeup in contouring to further enhance the strength of the look. This has then been further sculpted by careful lighting.
In studio lighting workshops I explain about the importance of reading face shapes for beauty work to attending photographers, and in knowing how to then light that face shape. Some people will benefit from a flatter, more broadly flattering light, while others like Chloe above will achieve a stronger look with a more aggressive lighting approach.
I have to confess, being married to a makeup artist, and being exposed to a professional commercial makeup studio on a daily basis has taught me everything I need to know about face shape, where to light, where not to light etc etc. It’s a fascinating business and highly specialised.



Still sticking with beauty type work and we changed from the grey background to white. When a white wall is gelled it gives a natural pastel tone. This was what I did here to key in with Chloe’s top.


I’ve said before that I rarely photograph anyone in profile, simply because its never a very flattering angle. With this profile though, why wouldn’t you!
This is a simple two light setup with careful light placement so as to get the shadows in the right place and at the right level of intensity.


A very simple variation on the above.


A complete change in makeup look, hair styling, outfit and overall feel to the images by creating a brighter look against the white wall.


A beauty look for the makeup and hair change. The colours work well.


We moved on to cover a series of full length work.
Chloe came so well prepared and as we usually do we depend on styling a photo shoot from what the model has brought along herself. Models have a great knack of knowing what to bring.
Chloe is such a talent as a model and pose after pose the looks kept coming with minimal direction needed from me.


We always have a few wedding dresses hanging around in the changing room in the studio, mainly from doing location flash workshops.
We decided to give a ‘rebellious bride’ a go and Chloe just instantly got it and pulled it off great 🙂


What a look to finish!


If you are a photographer and would like to explore the more creative side of studio lighting, I offer a range of studio lighting workshops suitable for complete beginners to moderately experienced photographers. Details can be found here.

Our studio is based in the Linen Green complex, conveniently located just 5 minutes from junction 15 off the M1 and 35 minutes from both Belfast and Enniskillen. You can view our studio facilities here.


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