Clarendon Dock Video Slideshow

For a change I decided to do a short video slideshow of my images from Clarendon Dock in Belfast on Sunday.

This was a great day and thoroughly enjoyed the company of all who came along – fellow photographers Sean, Martin and Damien, make-up artist Catherine, models Ernesta and her boyfriend Ernest, Louise, Kristina and Amy, and also Janine who is Damien’s better half.

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2 Responses
  1. Martin Robb

    Really enjoyed the short video very impressive when put together like that. I thoroughly enjoyed the days shoot and hope we do it again sometime. I take it Damien was responsible for the record shots of you photographing the models, they are a nice thing to have. Also its a good VAL you have, tell her she looks very like a MUA I know.

  2. Thanks Martin. It was indeed Damien who was responsible for behind the scenes. He’s a dangerous man to have around with a camera 🙂 As for the VALS (voice activated lighting stands), I have a delux model which doubles as a MUA when not in use. Sometimes the voice activation is a bit random though and and when it doesn’t work it really doesn’t work! 🙂

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