Carlingford Revisited

Carlingford this evening could have been summed up as cold, windy, and very wet!

My previous visit last week was cut short due manily to technical flash issues, so following a further investment in more flash related equipment, it was back this week to put it all to the test. As this trip was planned a few days previously, and I was impatient to try out my new gear, we all went ahead despite the forecast for heavy showers. Heavy showers it certainly was and this was an evening to be at home instead!

Here are some photos, captured during breaks in the rain, with even the lower parts of Slieve Foye and The Mournes barely visible due to extremely low cloud. Thanks to Louise and Catherine for braving an evening when we all should have been at home!

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  1. Damien Mc A

    Great job Nigel, hope the flash worked out ok – the cobble stones and the rusty boat came out well

  2. Thanks Damien. As I was saying, this wasn’t the best evening weatherwise for outdoor location photography, but your tip on the flash equipment worked a treat, so thanks for that. Louise and Catherine were the stars of the show for braving the rain and no complaints!

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