Gemma’s Location Portfolio Update

Following a recently completed successful studio update for model Gemma, a finalist in this years Miss Northern Ireland, we decided a location photo project was needed.

Having had expert hair styling by David Graham Hairdressing, and professional make-up application by Catherine Fleming Make-up, we headed for Carlingford. Carlingford has got to be one of the most photographic village locations around with it’s quaint painted doorways and majestic mountainous surroundings with Slieve Foye towering above the village, and the beauty of the Mournes across Carlingford Lough.

As we approached Carlingford it was clear we were going to have some quite low level cloud rolling over Slieve Foye so we decided to use this fully as one of two locations. Our second location was Carlingford village itself, and we had a break in-between in one of a couple of great coffee shops in the village. (It would have been rude not to 🙂 )

Thanks to Model Gemma, especially for braving the mountain location. While it was quite bright and warm in the village, it quickly became very cold, wet and even soggy under foot, and a lot darker when we were in and out of the cloud on the mountain side! Here’s some of the images from a great day out:



When presented with such colour it's not difficult to make a location like this work.


On our way up the mountain and this gate was an instant picture.


One of many natural light photo opportunities that presented themselves throughout the day.



Back in Carlingford village, and this shop front complimented Gemma's colours perfectly.



Another natural light picture which enhanced Gemma's most amazingly blue eyes.



This was one of our first pictures from our chosen mountain location, and one of my favourite of the day.



Another image from just across the mountain side a little from the previous picture.



Natural light and depth of field, in photography terms, f4 from memory @ 200mm



Gemma with her back to Carlingford lough and the Mournes beyond.



Another from the mountain side on Slieve Foye and the low level cloud rolling across the valley behind Gemma



Carlingford Lough made an ideal backdrop for this picture.



This was about colours again and a great doorway.

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