Goode & Lovett Fine Wine

It was a pleasure to do the photography for Goode & Lovett Fine Wines’ new website, the shop being located in The Linen Green, Dungannon

A fine wine shop in every sense of the word, and an extremely friendly and knowledgable owner, Anthony who is on hand to offer advice and help.

Working on interiors with mixed and low light sources, mainly a variety of display lighting, is always a challenge

Here are a few of the images taken today…

There's always a taster inside!

Gift Boxes, at Goode & Lovett Fine Wines

Anthony, proprietor and wine expert

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3 Responses
  1. Hi Damien and thanks for the kind comment. From memory I was dipping in and out of the bag for wide angle, my standard zoom and the 1.4, but a good few of the images posted here were on the 1.4. There wasn’t a huge amount of light and I didn’t want a high ISO noisey image. Also, flash would have killed the interior lighting mood, and the very shallow DOF is good for isolating branding etc.

  2. Damien Mc A

    The natural light shines through here, flash would have killed it. I def have to invest in a 1.4 myself in the future after looking at these

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