Louise @ the Warehouse, Linen Green

Many people will be aware the Linen Green is located within the old Moygashel linen factory. However, not many people will want to venture beyond the retail area, or even may know of the existence of the remainder of the factory which lies behind the shops. Sadly the old factory is not easily accessible and has fallen into terrible decay and bad repair. I’m sure it will be demolished sooner rather than later. Personally I will be sad to see it go as it formed such a major part of many lives locally, and a generation of people now numbering no more than a handful who recall the factory in it’s glory days.

Today I did what I’d been planning to do for ages and that was to do some fashion type photography using the wonderful old factory as a backdrop, before it is demolished. Good friend Louise modelled and here are some of the results…

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  1. Very pleased Louise! Thanks again for braving such cold weather and for enduring all the mess up there. It was well worth it though 🙂

  2. These photos are wow! The bright colours of the clothes and makeup contrast so well with the hardness and coldness of the background. What a great setting, great lighting and a super model – well done to both of you 🙂

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