The whole idea of this project was in the title “No Heirs or Graces”. The idea was to have people placed in very grand and elegant surroundings, but have them rebelling of the Heirs and Graces their surroundings might otherwise command.

The images below is a small selection from the afternoon, and because of the nature of the project I consider it inappropriate for a mass blog audience,  and therefore not all images are shown and will remain private among those directly involved.

Models are Carys and Clara, who were both brilliantly cast for this project. Again, given the nature of the project a lot of credit goes directly to the models who embraced the theme perfectly and got into character fully, often under far from ideal circumstances and with an audience too!

A big thank you as always to David Graham Hairdressing, and Catherine Fleming Make-up.

Here’s a few of the ‘tamer’ images…

Model, Carys in natural light by a large window with beautiful soft light coming in through a netted curtain.


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