With so much going on lately (not all photography related) I’m afraid my blogging has fallen very far down the ladder of priority, and it’s now catch-up time! There’s so much to blog since my last post on here!

I’ll start off with a beach project I did a little while back because the summer is all but gone now, and already it’s good to look at these images and recall the light until 10.30 evenings. Unfortunately we picked a bad weather evening on this occasion and it rained constantly throughout the evening. As you will see in the photos, Judith’s hair got wetter and wetter as the evening progressed.

This is Judith and makeup is by Catherine

Judith's bright dress brightened up what was an otherwise grey scene, and the footprints made this one for me


Captured at an early stage in the evening and under cover of some rocks



The reflection at the waters edge is difficult to resist. It's like a good sunset, it doesn't matter how many times you've done it before, it has to be done again 🙂


Hair starting to get wet at this stage but still going!


And finally something more dramatic on the rocks as the hint of a sunset on the horizon disguised the persistent rain on the beach












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