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This is Grace and if she looks vaguely familiar it’s because she was with us this time last year. Click here to see our photos from then.

Grace had returned to University in England to commence her final year of study, and as she left the studio last September we vowed to get together again and continue with an update to her portfolio.

Despite good intentions we just couldn’t seem to find a mutually free date, until a few weeks ago that is, and needless to say we were delighted to welcome Grace back into the studio.

All makeup by Catherine.

Here’s some of the results…

Model portfolio photo shootD3S_6352
This was our starting point for the morning. Grace came so well prepared and even brought coffee and chocolate! We spotted this gold necklace and made it the main point of this picture. Grace just dropped straight back into model mode and reminded me right away of why we made the commitment before she left a year previously that we would do it again.


Model portfolio photo shootD3S_6471
Next we moved to a light background and changed the lighting up substantially. This is a lighting setup I use when I can with anyone who has as strong facial features as Grace.


Model portfolio photo shootD3S_6454
A change of outfit but the same lighting and a black and white image.


Model portfolio photo shootD3S_6537
Grace was keen to get a photo using this coat she’d brought. The hat worked very well too and a complimentary background colour.


Model portfolio photo shootD3S_6367
Another change of outfit. Grace brought so much variety we were really spoiled for choice. This suited a three quarter length photo.


Model portfolio photo shootD3S_6418
Another three quarter length and outfit change. Sometimes it’s a challenge to know whether to change the lighting setup with an outfit, or change the outfit with a lighting setup.


Model portfolio photo shootD3S_6621
This was one of my personal favourites of the day. Catherine changed up the lip colour and I wanted this to look quite stark so I used a white background and changed the lighting. Of all the many outfits Grace had brought we decided this one was a must to use.


Model portfolio photo shootD3S_6707
Moving into the early part of the afternoon Catherine changed the lip colour again for the final set of photos. I’ve bought lots of colours of this voile material recently and been finding ways to use it.


Model portfolio photo shootD3S_6732
A close head shot and these earrings worked perfectly. With Grace’s strong features she stands up brilliantly to such close in beauty type shots, as does Catherine’s Makeup.


Model portfolio photo shootD3S_6715
A variation of the photo above with a three quarter length of this setup, only requiring a small lighting amendment.


Model portfolio photo shootD3S_6760
And this was our finishing image. We could have easily carried on with Grace’s endless energy and the amount of outfits she brought, but time again caught up on us.


If you are an experienced model looking for a contemporary refresh or update to your existing model portfolio, or if you are an aspiring model just starting out, then please get in touch and we’re happy to discuss your requirements and tailor a model portfolio exactly to your needs. We also have a professional makeup studio with a Catherine, who is a vastly experienced fashion and photographic makeup artist. If you would like to have makeup application as part of your model portfolio photo shoot then Catherine will be pleased to discuss your look with you in detail.

We have a modern photographic and makeup studio based in the prestige Linen Green Complex, based just 2 minutes from junction 15 off the M1, 35 minutes from Belfast and Enniskillen.






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