Rachelle – Model Portfolio Update

This is Rachelle, a very talented local model.

I’ve recently started offering 1 to 1 workshop sessions in either off-camera speedlights or studio lighting and they’re proving incredibly popular. I tailor these sessions exactly to the individual photographers needs. Details can be found here 

The relevance of this is because I asked Rachelle to model for one such 1 to 1 workshop recently, and afterwards she stayed around and we did some work in the studio ourselves to update her modelling portfolio.

I suspect a big part of the popularity of a 1 to 1 workshop session is because it’s completely private, and consistent with this I choose not to publish any photos on my blog from a private 1 to 1 session, and respect the privacy of the attending photographer.

Here then is a selection of some work from a quick afternoon hour or so I had in the studio with Rachelle after the 1 to 1 session had ended.

Studio Lighting Workshop workshop training courseD3S_7455
Rachelle came so well prepared, and we called this her ‘stained glass’ dress. All complimented perfectly by makeup application by Catherine.


Studio Lighting Workshop workshop training courseD3S_7514
Same outfit and makeup, with a change of background and a complete lighting change


Studio Lighting Workshop workshop training courseD3S_7558
The same makeup look but a change in outfit and another lighting change.


Studio Lighting Workshop workshop training courseD3S_7660
And now a complete change. A new makeup look by Catherine and a change of outfit, accessories, and the employment of one of my favourite studio lighting setups.


Studio Lighting Workshop workshop training courseD3S_7668
Similar to above using the same 5 light setup but a slight modification to allow light flare in the image.


Studio Lighting Workshop workshop training courseD3S_7688
Everyone loves a black and white, unless you’re the makeup artist 🙂


Studio Lighting Workshop workshop training courseD3S_7710
And something softer to finish with. I’ve taken to buying various colours of voile material lately for the studio. It’s cheap and very versatile. This is the while flavor 🙂


If you would like to discuss a 1 to 1 workshop session, either for studio lighting like the images above, or for speed light off camera flash then please get in touch here

Also if you are an established model thinking about adding a contemporary refresh to your model portfolio, or an aspiring model just starting out and not sure where to start with your model portfolio, then please also get in touch to discuss your needs.




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