Makeup Photos with Bridal Look – Emily-Jayne

This is Emily-jayne, a familiar face to us here and we’ve photographed her a few times previously, most notably last summer when we made a trip up to the beach on the North Antrim Coast.

Our in-house makeup artist, Melissa, asked Emily-Jayne to come along so she could apply a bridal makeup look.

A big thank you to Christopher Kirk who did a great job at very short notice on hair styling.

Here’s some of the photos…

Makeup beauty photo shootD3S_5133
Emily-Jayne makes a great bride. It’s always a humorous point in the studio when the bridal dress goes on to a model, and Emily-Jayne proceeded to tell us that she had no intention of wearing one for real for quite some time 🙂


Makeup beauty photo shootD3S_5148
A closer look.


Makeup beauty photo shootD3S_5169
This was something completely new for Emily-Jayne as she had never modelled bridal before. She looked great!


After the bridal photos we still had a short time left so I asked Emily-Jayne to wear a red dress she’d brought. I photographed it in the dark end of the studio as we had been using a bright white background all morning for the bridal looks.

Makeup beauty photo shootD3S_5253
Same makeup and a change out of bridal wear and also a background change.


Makeup beauty photo shootD3S_5072
It wouldn’t be complete without a behind the scenes. Emily-Jaynes phone rang as she was having hair styling and makeup. I grabbed the camera and thought it made a good picture. All is missing is Emily-Jaynes glass of champagne 🙂
Thanks to Christopher Kirk for hair styling, and Melissa for makeup.


Rather than make a new blog post I’ve included another set of images below on the end of this one.

A few days after the bridal photos above, I asked Emily-Jayne to come back to the studio. Thanks to her for doing a great job on her own hair and makeup for what was an impromptu call.

Makeup beauty photo shootD3S_5598

Makeup beauty photo shootD3S_5620
I’ve used this technique previously a few times, and a big part of the inspiration for this technique goes to a photographer whos work I respect more than any other. A photographer who I’ve followed avidly for a number of years, and who I ultimately spent a day with in his Bristol studio a few years ago, Damien Lovegrove.


Makeup beauty photo shootD3S_5713
One of my favourite studio lighting setups to finish.






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