Off Camera Flash Speedlight Workshop

 Off Camera Flash Speedlight Workshop Sunday 8th Spetember 1.30 – 7.30pm

Off Camera Flash Speedlight Workshop

Our Introduction to Off Camera Flash Workshop day is perfect for anyone with a reasonably good understanding of basic exposure (not using flash) with their DSLR camera. 

If you would like to gain the knowledge in how and why to take your flash off camera, and even have a better understanding of flash principals whether on or off camera, then this is ideal.

We emphasise that our main aim on the day is to give you a sound understanding of the correct use of flash/speedlight in your photography to enable you to repeat it all by yourself, as opposed to sending you home on the day with a card full of greatly setup images but non the wiser as to how to achieve similar results yourself. That’s not to say you won’t get some great shots on the day for yourself to take home and edit too!

For this reason we spend the majority of the day in a workshop environment of presentation and demonstration, both in the studio and immediately outside the studio. The final part of the day is then spent with a model at nearby locations trying it all out for yourself with your own camera. 

This is an informal, relaxed and fun day with all equipment provided by us. You only need bring your camera and optionally your speedlight. 

Places are limited to just 6 photographers to maintain a high quality experience and answer everyones questions as we go along. 

To book please simply message me here and please state your camera make and model and also if you have a speedlight. 

Thank you.

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