The Many Shades of Grey Fog!

What a difference a week makes! Exactly this time last week this very location was wall to wall bright autumnal sunshine and clear, crisp blue skies. Light jacket weather. Today, one week on it was how many shades of grey can you see and that wasn’t very many as the grey fog met the grey sky! With the wind earlier in the week having stripped the last of the leaves from the trees, and the temperature at lunch time in the car on the way home reading only 2 degrees, it may be safe to say the line has been crossed from autumn into winter this week. Several layers needed!

A big thank you to Anna for braving the extreme cold 🙂

If there's no sunshine then maybe create some with several light sources?

To the left of the picture, the mist was rolling down the river on the breeze. Beautiful to look at but difficult to get contrast in an image.

One benefit of the fog was good diffused light for natural light picture opportunities.
Another natural light image with a lone junior beech tree for a background which still had its leaves on.
The fog lifted a little but no blue skies around.
Natural light again.
A touch of flash here to hold the detail in the background as it disappears into the mist. Careful camera position ensured no bright highlights between the trees in the row.

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  1. Thanks Damien. The second one was unusual because the fog on the river made the contrast disappear so it needed boosting back up in LR and PS. It inadvertently boosted the colours too!

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