The Old Factory – revisited

Today I revisited an old run down factory site with a good friend who is a very keen photographer, and we practised some off-camera flash work.

A big thank you to everyone involved for braving the extreme cold and the very rough conditions under foot, with broken glass, bricks, concrete and bent steel work everywhere!

Thanks also as ever to Catherine who did an excellent job on make-up 🙂

Triangles and angles was the idea here. This is 100% flash as this area was pitch dark.

As with the previous image it's almost all flash here, but for a small amount of natural light through the windows behind in what was otherwise a very dark warehouse area. 2 flashes used here, one soft and one hard light.

Wide angle seemed right here. This was actually an establishing exposure test image, hence the black coat being still on, but I really liked it and decided it was a keeper!

Just natural light again, but a reflector was added to bounce some extra light back up. In photography terms this was 1-60th @ f1.4, iso800 dark!!

I'm still experimenting with flare!

I've never really been a fan of any barrier between the camera and the subject, but this worked and I like it 🙂

With the white walls left and right, and a bright concrete floor, there was enough even light here for just natural light and no flash.

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  1. Thanks Damien, your comments are really appreciated as always. It was a chance to experiment some more in off-camera flash and a bit of just natural light too.

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