Vivienne and Ernesta (updated)

This is Ernesta and Vivienne. Both came on the same afternoon for a studio based photo session. Vivienne had done one photo shoot previously a few weeks ago, and Ernesta was completely new to it all. It was a genuinely enjoyable afternoon and both were a pleasure to work with. Everything was very relaxed and as I alternated between Vivienne and Ernesta, one was happy to watch all that was going on while the other was being photographed. Viveinne’s mum came along too and enjoyed getting involved.

Thanks to Catherine as always for the brilliant make-up. I know Ernesta and Vivienne loved having their photographic make-up applied and were each delighted with their look. Catherine had spotted Ernesta on several occasions over a period of time as she walked up a road near us and had mentioned her to me as someone she thought would have a great photographic look. One morning recently as we drove from town Catherine shouted “there’s that girl I’ve been telling you about”. Before Catherine had time to think I had the car stopped so she could ask her. Ernesta was instantly delighted to have been asked to come along for some photos. The proof of the pudding……well judge for yourself in the photos below.


Vivienne. Love the boots! 🙂


Ernesta, one of the first photos of the afternoon and completely new to it all!








No flash required. Captured using just the daylight balanced bulbs from Catherine's make-up mirrors. I think this one is destined for printing big for the make-up area.



This was the stage when I turned all the studio flash heads off except one, removed the softbox, fitted a hard light attachment and headed to the wall for hard shadows and hopefully mood. This is something I want to try a lot more in the very near future 🙂


More hard light but moving the flash head in relation to Ernesta's position.



Yet another change in hard light position. It's all experimentation at this stage 🙂



Similar lighting as above.







This was great fun at the end as Vivienne decided to mess up her hair and try on our 'geek' glasses 🙂




Behind the scenes as Catherine applied Vivienne's make-up


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  1. Thanks Nigel and Catherine! It sure was a great day. So esay to work with you and always fun to meet new people. Love the way you said about my mummy too! :L

  2. It was our pleasure Vivienne, and thank you for your very kind comments – really appreciated. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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