Last weekend I had the pleasure of indulging in a feast of photographic opportunity in an air hanger, and in doing so fulfilling a several year wait for what had to be my most outstanding ‘to do’ photography dream job.

It all started about 2 years ago when I happened to come on a top end and big production photo shoot video on Youtube which was set in an air hanger. As I watched it over and over, over several months I knew I really wanted to have a go at something like that, but where and when were the 2 impossible questions to answer. Then a few months ago I got a call from a photography friend to ask if I’d fancy helping to plan a photographic project in an air hanger! Well, I didn’t need much time to think about that one, nor did he have to ask twice ๐Ÿ™‚



Following a quick recce of the hanger one evening it was clear it was full of photographic opportunity. It was full ofย  jets, helicopters, and more aviation related gear than I ever knew existed.ย  We immediately set about putting together some people to make it work. We needed MUA’s (make-up artists), hair stylists, models and behind the scenes assistants, including staff from the hanger itself. A realistic date was set to allow enough time for all this to be planned properly, and that date was last weekend.


Hair and make-up was a very busy place!

In total we had 7 models, 2 professional hair stylists, 3 professional MUA’s, 7 photographers, 3 hanger staff and 4 assistants. It was almost like military precision as we all met up for a very early morning starting point and we were all taken in to the hanger as a group. Once there, and even before the kettle was boiled (!) we were given a quick guided tour of all the aircraft, what wings were ok to walk on, and what to keep well away from! Then as hair and make-up got underway, the photographers set about choosing their locations and setting up their lighting.


One of the first images of the day as I tested out the lighting, fan etc. up on the wing

I opted for the wing of one of the larger aircraft, a Canberra I understand (though I’m no aviation expert), and set my lighting up on the wing, with a wind fan and later a smoke machine was added. Regrettably due to the complex location of the lighting up on the wings, I didn’t have as much opportunity as I’d hoped to explore other locations within the hanger, as it was much more practical to leave my lighting where it was for other photographers in the group to avail of this location without having to change lighting over.

I’m delighted with the images I did get though, and here’s a selection….





Behind the scenes hair styling



Behind the scenes make-up



Make-up touch up's along the way
A few props added to the theme



I had asked for BIG hair...



and BIG hair was what I got ๐Ÿ™‚

This was a truly fantastic day, made so by the wonderful location, and a great group of dedicated people, all of whom were brilliant in their own way and made the day the success that it was. Needless to say, thanks again to everyone involved.



Most of the team involved



David Graham Hairstylist

Azelia Jacksom MUA

Catherine Fleming MUA

Joanna Maxwell of Savvy and Shine Hair Products

Staff from the hanger (kindly donated for our use for the day, together with their time in attendance for the day)

All models who generously gave of their time

Various helpers

Sean for organisation of the event

Other photographers for the day’s fun and enjoyment.





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  1. Sinead Morgan

    Hi Nigel – the photo’s above look fantastic! I just wanted to thank yourself and Catherine for such an amazing opportunity. I had a brilliant day – it was great fun and an experience i’ll not soon forget! S.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments Sinead. It was a pleasure to have you involved in the day. Can you email me your details please so I can include you in the list of credits? Your makeup application on the day was fantastic and you deserve full credit for that ๐Ÿ™‚

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