New ipad 2 Ordered!!

Very excited! Today I finally took the plunge and went on the Apple website and placed my order for an ipad 2. Can’t wait for it to arrive and I hope it gets here quicker than the scheduled delivery of 7th June 🙂

While it might well be very useful for browsing the web and checking email etc. without having to use the main computer, my main anticipation is to see it put to use for photography. It’ll fit nicely in my camera bag too 🙂  It’ll be very useful to have the ability to view images straight from a project, there and then, before loading them into the main computer for editing. In the longer term I hope to set it up to send the images wirelessly from the camera to the ipad, and therefore be able to check composition, sharpness and other details much better than on the camera’s rear display screen.

The 7th June can’t come quick enough 🙂 🙂 🙂

Went for black, just like this one

I get a feeling this could be the start to all things Apple. Ipad 2……next an iphone, and then a 27″ iMac. Nice plan if it works 🙂

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  1. The wifey here – I cannot wait for OUR ipad 🙂 to come – browsing make-up websites, reading books, looking up recipes etc.!! There may be a few rows as to who wants to use it. You should’ve orderered 2! x

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