Ernesta in the Studio

I’ve photographed Ernesta a few times now, and always look forward to working with her.

This was a quickly arranged studio photo shoot. Thanks Ernesta also for doing your own makeup for this.

Here’s some from the afternoon in the studio…

D3S_1884-3My usual starting point in the studio is always a few head shots. The background is a little different to normal here though. A photographer friend loaned me his new Lastolite background and I used this opportunity with Ernesta to try it out. I put a small amount of light into the middle of the background on this one.




Similar to above but I placed a blue gel on the background light.



D3S_2103Next I reverted back to my studio grey wall and stuck with a blue gel on the background. I added another couple of lights onto Ernesta too.



D3S_2083Sticking with the same lighting setup, Ernesta made a quick change and we did some three quarter length.



D3S_2095This lighting setup works great as a black and white also.



D3S_1884-57A change in outfit and background. Also a more contrasty lighting setup.



D3S_1884-77 copyThis is exactly the same lighting setup as above. Just zoomed in much tighter to take a head shot from what was a three quarter length setup.



D3S_2178 copySome hard studio light to finish. Ernesta has strong cheekbones and jaw line. No better way to highlight both.


During the winter months I concentrate on holding studio lighting workshops.

From a complete beginner who is curious about studio flash, to a keen amateur, to a more serious studio photographer wanting to fine tune their lighting techniques, all are catered for and welcomed into the studio. We use a professional model and everything is explained in a jargon free way.

Please contact me here to enquire or book.

My next available workshop is an Introduction to Studio Lighting, and is being held in my studio on 30th November from 2-5pm. This will cover everything you need to get you up and running confidently in the studio. As usual we will have a professional model in attendance. The cost for this is £50 and I currently have 2 places available.









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  1. Amazing quality work, the best portrait photographer I have ever seen! Inspiring work, love it 🙂 Stunning models, makeup, lighting and setups!

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